Contents for a time capsule

This is a plan for a time capsule. The act of digging is central. Within this simple action lie many cultural connotations: we dig to take from the earth, we dig to make life, and to give an end to life, we dig to hide or protect ourselves in bunkers, basements and holes, and we dig to discover – to search the underworld for clues to our pasts or leave behind artefacts for our future selves. We dig deep and full circle, much of our nature encompassed in an action.

The sender and receiver of the capsule are united by digging: it becomes a sympathetic historical message which can be understood haptically, as well as conceptually, by both parties through the acts of burial and discovery. This capsule promotes a commonality between past and present.

Imagined as an ongoing project, a small vitrine displaying various collected and archival images, each showing the act of digging in some form. This work has been exhibited in several different arrangements. It has been included in It's hard to hear the distance between the wind and the waves breaking, a group exhibition at Bus Projects including the work of Tarik Ahlip and Allora & Calzadilla, curated by Brendan McCleary [2016]; Will to keep, a satellite group exhibition at 107 Projects Redfern, curated by the board of ARCHIVE_ ARI [2014]; and the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize at the National Art School, Sydney [2013].

Photographs courtesy Brendan McCleary, Lisa Sammut, and Christian Capurro.