Do Not Leave Me

A long-duration performance taking place on a balcony ledge outside the gallery's large picture window, a space inaccessible to viewers. Terracotta clay is formed into the shape of a human appendix, whilst the artist speaks to it the verses of Jacques Brel's much-covered 1959 love song, Ne Me Quitte Pas, and then proceeds to throw these forms out of another, outdoor, window. Words are faintly audible to viewers as they touch their ears to the window: a faint trace of the speaker's voice.

Performed as a part of Time Out of Time, facilitated by Liquid Architecture as a part of the 2015 Melbourne International Arts Festival, to coincide with 2015 TarraWarra International: Pierre Huyghe. From the press release:

Sound measures time in space, and space in time: Reverb goes out, but echo comes back... back... back...

Saskia Doherty will be speaking to wet clay that is taking on the shape of her voice. As the clay dries, the time of her voice will be imprinted into its setting form. When spectators witness the destruction of the dried clay - both the object and the record contained within it - they will see, and hear, the artist's voice, literally breaking.

Photographs courtesy Anabelle Lacroix.