here we go round the mulberry bush

A set of hanging drawings made from river mud and kaolin on paper, and an accompanying graphite wall text.

Shown as a part of the group exhibition Cutting Mirrors, curated by Jon Butt at c3 Contemporary Art Space [2015], a site-responsive exhibition considering c3's host site, The Abbotsford Convent.

Wall drawing text:

Historian and former warden of HMP Wakefield Prison, R.S. Duncan, has claimed that the children's nursery rhyme 'Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush' originated amongst female prisoners at Wakefield. A sprig taken from a golf course in Stanley grew into a mature plant in the prison yard, which the women subsequently exercised around by running in circles. Duncan's claim remains uncorroborated, but it has passed into the cyclicality of common parlance.

Mulberries do not grow on bushes.

Photographs courtesy Jon Butt.