Drawing of a 'Corpse Flower' [Amorphophallus Titanarum], blooming in a North American Botanical Garden, made using willow charcoal and an eraser, under a vitrine lid. An outdoor artwork realised on the occasion of the single-day event Sanctuary for a flannelette, curated by Briony Galligan and taking place at the Old Hawdon Street Cemetery, Heidelberg, with support of the Banyule City Council.

"Scientists aren't sure why this phenomenon is happening, but the flowers are releasing their deathly smell in Bloomington, Indiana; Sarasota, Florida; Washington, D.C.; St. Louis and New York, according to the Wall Street Journal. "A few of us are saying, 'Well, wait a minute, how did six or seven happen all at once?' Marc Hachadourian, Director of the Nolen Greenhouses in New York Botanical Garden, told the paper."

Becky Strum, Huffington Post, July 29 2016

Photographs courtesy Clare Rae.